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Product Description Price
Bin Coroplast box (L: 56 cm D: 33 cm H: 98 cm). Base and lid. $19.50
Plastic bags Plastic bags (with green fill line) for barrels and Coroplast bins. Packs of 10. $3.00
Barrel (currently not available) Collection drum in rigid plastic (L: 64 cm D: 48 cm H: 107 cm). $175.00
Single recycling station (currently not available) Drum, support pole and indicator flag. $500.00
Double recycling station (currently not available) 2 drums, support pole and 2 indicator flags. $800.00
Triple recycling station (currently not available) 3 drums, support pole and 3 indicator flags. $1,100.00
Reusable bag (currently not available) For returning deposit-refund containers to retailers (L: 36 cm D: 16.5 cm H: 40 cm). $1.00 each or 12 for $10.00

Taxes not included. Delivery charges may apply.

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You can also purchase this equipment at:

Mayrand (Food wholesaler)

9701, boul. Louis-H. La Fontaine
Anjou, QC
H1J 2A3
(514) 255-9330

Aubut Food Distribution, Inc.

3975, rue  St-Ambroise
Montréal, QC
H4C 2E1
(514) 933-0939

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