Environmental and financial harm

Annually, more than 1.8 billion containers with a deposit of $0.05 are marketed in Quebec, and 1.36 billion containers are recovered.

This means that 440,000 soft drink containers are not recovered and will never be recycled. Where do these containers go? They needlessly fill our household garbage and end up in landfills. Otherwise, they are just thrown away and pollute the public areas of our cities, our forests, our lakes and our rivers.

And, by not claiming the deposit from lost or discarded containers, Quebecers lose $28 million annually in possible revenue.

Sale and Recovery of 5¢ Deposit Containers in Quebec for the Year 2016

 Number of returnable containers sold

1 892 300 000

Number of containers returned for the deposit

1 321 400 000

Curbside Recovery of Containers Not Returned for Deposit Refund

128 500 000

Rate of Recovery of 5¢ Deposit Containers

76.6 %

76.4 % Aluminum cans
78.4 % Plastic containers
71.0 % Glass containers

Residential recovery rate

90 %

Non-residential recovery rate

50 %

Number of containers discarded/lost

442 400 000

Number of containers discarded/lost per day

1 212 055

Monetary loss in unredeemed deposits per year

28 millions $