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CONSIGNaction is an entire range of activities designed to promote and maximize the recovery of refundable containers. Launched by Boissons Gazeuses Environnement, CONSIGNaction comprises different programs that aim to encourage consumers to recover, and to facilitate their access to different recycling infrastructures. CONSIGNaction is the way to go!

Public awareness campaign with Boucar Diouf – 2012

Boucar DioufCONSIGNaction launched a new media offensive to get Quebeckers to take their returnable containers back. The TV, radio and Web campaign featured storyteller, humourist and oceanographer Boucar Diouf.

The ads let the public know how ecologically important recovery of returnable containers—cans and bottles—is, and showed that they are recycled 100% when returned to merchants or put in a CONSIGNaction recycling bin.



Boucar Diouf Boucar Diouf Karma soccer

Karma hockey Moi_tl Karma-GYM

Karma bibliotheque CONSIGNaction - Certains gestes sont fatals / Éclair CONSIGNaction - Campagne « Moi? »

Nombre de contenants consignés non recyclés au Québec depuis le début de votre visite:

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